Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 Speacial
Genre Reality
Created by Concept by:

Lauren Dolgen

Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 24 (after second season)
Executive producer(s) Morgan J. Freeman

Dia Sokol Savage Liz Gateley Lauren Dolgen

Producer(s) Kenda Greenwood
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) 11th Street Productions
Original channel MTV
Original airing January 11, 2011-present
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16 and Pregnant Teen Mom

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Teen Mom 2 is an American reality television series that premiered on MTV on January 11, 2011. The series is a spin-off of 16 and Pregnant, and sister show to the original Teen Mom. The show chronicles the lives of four girls from the second season of 16 and Pregnant as they navigate their first year of motherhood. In addition to motherhood, the series focuses on themes of their changing relationships between family, friends, and boys, while highlighting the struggles teenage mothers have to go through to raise their children.

A second season has been confirmed and is currently filming. Season 2 will premiere at 10 PM on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 on MTV


Cast Members Age (During Season) Hometown Biography
Jenelle Evans 19 Oak Island, North Carolina Jenelle continues to reconcile the responsibilities of motherhood with her love of partying. With the birthfather of her son Jace out of the picture, Jenelle relies heavily on her mother Barbara. The two have an explosive relationship, which is amplified by the fact that Barbara has temporary custody of Jace.

Through it all, Jenelle struggles to prove herself as a mom and responsible adult, but her party girl ways—and her trouble-maker boyfriend, Kieffer—keep leading her down the wrong path. When Jenelle and Keiffer get arrested, she must choose between changing her ways or continuing on a downward spiral that could quickly hit rock bottom.

Chelsea Houska 19 Vermillion, South Dakota Since giving birth to Aubree, Chelsea’s life has been consumed with taking care of her daughter and trying (in vain) to make her tumultuous relationship with Aubree’s father, Adam, succeed. She still hasn’t graduated from high school, but Chelsea luckily has a strong network of support from friends and family to help her on the road to independence.

As her emotional tug-of-war with Adam escalates, she finally gets the strength to call it quits, trying to move forward and focus on what’s best for her and her daughter. Her friends and family just hope she can stay away from Adam for good this time.

Kailyn Lowry 18 Nazareth, Pennsylvania Always a motivated young woman and focused mom, Kailyn is the mom of baby Isaac. Kailyn and Isaac’s father Jo’s relationship crumbled under the stress of balancing their lives and raising their child, and Kailyn moved out amidst their constant fighting. A romance with coworker Jordan begins to get more serious as she turns to him for emotional support during a bitter custody battle with Jo.

Through it all, Kailyn keeps two jobs and goes to school full time, determined to better her situation for her son while navigating her complicated relationship with Jo and struggling to finally move out on her own.

Leah Messer 18 Elkview, West Virginia A country girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, Leah is a former cheerleader from a small town and the mother of twin girls Alianna and Aleeah. Leah sacrificed everything her senior year in order to graduate, take care of her babies and try to make things work with her daughters’ father, Corey. They’ve weathered many ups and downs as a couple, from trust issues to doctor visits for understanding daughter Ali’s slow development.

Just before the twins’ first birthday, Leah and Corey made the ultimate commitment by becoming husband and wife. But soon after the honeymoon they realize that marriage isn’t as easy as they’d hoped it would be.

Season OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 12 January 11, 2011 March 29, 2011
2 12 December 6, 2011 February 21, 2012

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode # Title Viewers (Millions) Air Date
1 "Nothing Stays the Same" 3.570 January 11, 2011
Teen mom Jenelle is going out all hours of the night, and her mother eventually serves her papers to get custody of baby Jace. Leah attempts to win back Corey, the father of her twins. Chelsea moves out of her dad's house with baby Aubree and tries to get back on track to graduate from high school. Kailyn is heartbroken when Jo breaks up with her and tries to get over it by flirting with a co-worker named Jordan.
2 "So Much to Lose" 3.656 January 18, 2011
Leah turns to Corey for comfort after a visit to the doctor reveals that something is wrong with one of the twins. Chelsea starts hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Adam again, much to her friends' dismay. Kailyn starts dating Jordan but things go haywire when Jo and his family find out about it. Jenelle convinces her mom to let her come home when she realizes how much she misses Jace.
3 "Change of Heart" 4.048 January 25, 2011
Kailyn reluctantly breaks up with Jordan after Jo's parents tell her she will not be permitted to live in their home while she's seeing him. Jenelle agrees to sign custody of Jace over to her mom after realizing she cannot afford a lawyer. Leah goes out with Corey and after a successful evening, they agree to get back together. Chelsea tells Megan she's giving Adam another chance.
4 "Moving In, Moving On" 3.795 February 1, 2011
Kailyn is forced to borrow money from Jo to make her house. Chelsea breaks the news to her roommate Megan that she's going to let Adam move in with them so Aubree can have a normal family. Jenelle meets a new guy and stays out all night with him when she was supposed to watch Jace the following morning. Leah and Corey decide to move in together and find their own place.
5 "Too Much, Too Fast" 3.443 February 8, 2011
While Jenelle is trying to figure out how to pay for school, she breaks Barbara's rules again. Things get tough for Corey and Leah once she's stuck at home watching the girls full time. Adam moves in and Chelsea tries to keep it from her dad, Randy. Kailyn starts school but has to figure out where she and Isaac should stay when Jo's parents kick him out.
6 "Taking Sides" 3.702 February 15, 2011
Things between Adam and Megan reach a boiling point and he forces her to move out, with Chelsea torn between them. Barbara helps Jenelle get her financial aid and invites her to attend Jace's first birthday. Things improve between Leah and Corey and their romance heats up. Kailyn moves back in with Jo's parents and tells everyone that she doesn't want to be with Jo.
7 "Switching Gears" 4.006 February 22, 2011
Corey surprises Leah with a marriage proposal, but things get hard when an eye doctor tells her Ali's development problems may originate in the brain. Chelsea tries to shift her focus back to school. Kailyn gets a second job so she can move out on her own, much to Jo's fury. Jenelle and her boyfriend Kieffer wear out their welcome at a friend's house and have to find a place to live while Jenelle begins college.
8 "Pushing the Limit" 3.434 March 1, 2011
Jenelle and Kieffer are forced to ask Barbara if they can move in with her. Chelsea's dad continues to put pressure on Adam to find a job. Kailyn starts dating Jordan again without telling Jo. Leah and Corey put wedding planning on hold as the try to get some answers by bringing Ali in for an MRI.
9 "Slippery Slope" 3.710 March 8, 2011
Jo confronts Kailyn about dating Jordan behind his back and she moves in with her mom. Leah and Corey continue planning for their wedding and get some good news regarding Ali's health. Jenelle and Kieffer run off to New Jersey to visit his brother, taking Barbara's credit cards with them. Things between Chelsea and Adam continue to go downhill, and they break up.
10 "Two Steps Forward" 4.52 March 15, 2011
Things between Leah and Corey turn ugly when she starts having second thoughts about the wedding. Chelsea and her friends decide to celebrate both her birthday and her breakup with Adam by taking a road trip to a Lady Gaga show. Jenelle and Kieffer enjoy themselves in New Jersey until Jenelle's mother discovers her credit cards are missing; she calls Jenelle and tells her not to come back to her house. Kailyn settles into life at her mom's house but can't get her belongings back from Jo because she owes him money he lent her to pay for school.
11 "One Step Back" 4.39 March 22, 2011
Chelsea is busy studying for her GED, but is too distracted by Aubree. Jenelle has to face the music about stealing her mom's credit cards. Kailyn tries to focus on college and files for an official custody agreement with Jo. Leah and Corey get closer when told they have to take Ali to another doctor just days before their wedding.
12 "Judgement Day" 4.59 March 29, 2011
As Chelsea prepares for Aubree's first birthday party, her dad does what he can to keep Adam permanently out of the picture. Jenelle is arrested for breaking and entering and realizes Kieffer is a bad influence, but ends up bailing him out of jail anyway because she misses him. Kailyn goes to court to sign a joint custody agreement. Leah and Corey get married.

Season 2Edit

Coming Soon

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