Nikkole Paulun
Nikkole with her son, Lyle.

Full Name

Nikkole Cherie Paulun


September 30th, 1993


Unnamed Father - Father
Rikki - Mother
Brett - Younger Brother
Lyle Drummonds - Son
Ellie Rice - Daughter


Josh Drummonds (2007-2008)
Ryan Rice (2013-2014)

Nikkole Paulun is a high school junior who lives in Monroe, Michigan, with her mother, Rikki, and her younger brother. Paulun's boyfriend, Joshua "Josh" Drummonds, has the reputation of always cheating on Paulun. In November 2009, Paulun gives birth to Lyle Thomas Drummonds. When Paulun discovers that Drummonds has been seeing his ex-girlfriend, Kyla, behind her back, she breaks up with him. Paulun returns to school and gets help from Drummond's mother to take care of Lyle during the school day.

Episode summaryEdit

The show opened with an introduction to Nikkole's past. Nikkole and Josh had been broken up for awhile when she decided to meet up with the father of her child. After a long talk, Nikkole decides to not listen to her mother and friends, and go back to dating Josh. Proving Nikkole's mother and friends wrong, Josh actually attempts to treat Nikkole with respect. Nikkole still wants to keep a relationship with her friends, but it hard for her to do so when she was spending all of her time with Josh. Wanting to spend time with her friends, she decides to go to the school dance with her friends. Because of his expulsion from Nikkole's school, Josh wasn't able to attend the dance. The couple come to a compromise and Josh let her go to the dance for an hour before coming home with him. Nikkole wasn't surprised when Josh didn't show up to the dance to pick her up. Josh later says that Nikkole was being selfish. Instead of concentrating on her relationship problems, she starts to focus on her pregnancy.

When the pain became unbearable, Nikkole decides to have an induced labor. Nikkole soon goes into labor with her mother, Josh, and Josh's mother there to support her. Rikki, Nikkole's mother, and Josh get into an argument that leaves Josh wanting to leave the hospital. Instead, he decides to stay through the labor, where he and Nikkole finally got to meet their son, Lyle Thomas, born on November 5, 2009. Rikki tells Josh that his behavior is unacceptable and he is not allowed to come to her house anymore. Going against her mothers rules, Nikkole continues to see Josh, until she finds out he had been cheating on her with his ex-girlfiend. The episode ends with Nikkole hoping she will one day have a family with Josh and Lyle.

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