Lori Wickelhous
Lori and her mom



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Lori Wickelhaus


Cory (ex-boyfriend)
Aidan (Son)

Lori Wickelhaus is a teenager from Fort Thomas, Kentucky who is pregnant and undecided about whether to keep the baby. Being adopted herself, she has some reservations as she does not want her son to go through the same things she did. She deals with her parents pressuring her to give the child up for adoption, while Cory (her ex-boyfriend and the baby's father) and her friends want her to keep the baby. The first couple that Wickelhaus selects backs out shortly before her due date Wickelhaus and her parents then meet with a second couple that will adopt Aidan Elliot, who was born in December 2009. When Aidan is two days old, an adoption ceremony is held and Wickelhaus leaves the hospital.