Jordan Ward is a 17 year old from St. Louis, Missouri. She and her identical twin sister, Jessica, were adopted by
her grandparents at nine years old. Jordan Ward and her boyfriend, Brian Finder, are expecting a baby boy. The twins left high school in order to pursue modeling careers, and homeschooling, but they both stopped after Jordan Ward finds out about her pregnancy. Finder moves in with Jordan Ward and her family to help her begin getting ready for their son. There is conflict between Jessica Ward and Finder, as Jessica Ward feels that Finder is taking her twin sister away from her, and Finder feels that Jessica Ward won't give them space to be parents on their own. This leads to a debate about who will be in the delivery room when Jordan Ward gives birth. At the end, it is decided that Jessica Ward would be allowed in the room with Finder. Noah James Finder was born on July 14, 2010. In January 2011, Jordan and Brian got married and announced Jordan was pregnant again. She and Finder welcomed a baby girl, Arri Monroe, on November 6, 2011. Jordan later admitted, although Arri wasn't planned, she definitely wasn't a mistake. These two are an established couple and another success story of the series.