16 and Pregnant
Images 16
Genre Reality
Created by Lauren Dolgen
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 61
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel MTV
Original run June 11, 2009 – present
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16 and Pregnant is an MTV reality television series produced by Morgan J. Freeman and Dia Sokol Savage, and was first broadcast on June 11, 2009. It follows the stories of pregnant teenage girls in high school dealing with the hardships of teenage pregnancy. Each episode features a different teenage girl, with the episode typically beginning when she is 4 12–8 months into her pregnancy. The episode typically ends when the baby is a few months old. The series is produced in a documentary format, with an animation on notebook paper showing highlights during each episode preceding the commercial breaks.

MTV launched a spin-off series titled Teen Mom, which debuted on December 8, 2009. On January 11, 2011 debuted a new show called Teen Mom 2.


Based on a preview of the show's first three episodes, the New York Times called it a "documentary-style series about real-life Junos who are not scoring in the 99th percentile on the verbal portion of their SATs" and said "despite its showcasing of the grim, hard work of single mothering."[1]

The first season finale attracted 2.1 million viewers.[2]

16 and Pregnant along with Teen Mom have been shows added to MTV's lineup showcasing the hardships and struggles of teenage pregnancy.

Episode listEdit

Ep # Title Airdate
101 "Maci" June 11, 2009
Maci Bookout is a 16 year old high school junior from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her fiancé, Ryan Edwards, romantically pursued her during her junior year. Bookout gives birth to a son, Bentley Cadence Edwards, in October 2008. She attended an accelerated school so she could graduate early. Following her high school graduation, Bookout enrolls in the local community college to start classes and has little help from Edwards in raising Bentley. She has to rely on her family to help, but when she decides that is not fair to them, she quits the dance team to spend more time with Bentley. Bookout calls off the engagement and the pair breaks up.
102 "Farrah" June 18, 2009
Farrah Abraham is a cheerleader from Council Bluffs, Iowa, who finds out she is pregnant. At first, Abraham only tells her two best friends, Zabrina and Tyler, who are on the cheerleading squad with her. Only Tyler remains loyal to Abraham after hearing the news. Abraham decides to continue high school online. She also decides not to tell her ex-boyfriend personally about the child after he sends her threatening text messages. It was later revealed he then died in a car accident before the baby was born. In February 2009, Abraham gives birth to Sophia Laurent Abraham. After Sophia's birth, Farrah went without a car and struggled with her difficult relationship with her mother.
103 "Amber" June 25, 2009
Amber Portwood is a teenager from Anderson, Indiana. She and her boyfriend of two-and-a-half years, Gary Shirley, discover she is pregnant. Portwood has a daughter, Leah Leann Shirley, in November 2008. At the hospital, Shirley gets a call from Portwood's brother, Shawn, who is coming home from Iraq the next day. After seeing Shawn, Portwood starts to get stressed out. After settling into a normal routine, Portwood and Shirley become nervous about Leah's breathing. They take Leah to a specialist in Indianapolis, Indiana, where they learn that it was just the swelling of her voicebox. Sometime during the episode, Shirley proposes to Portwood and she accepts. Their relationship remains rocky.
104 "Ebony" July 2, 2009
Ebony Jackson is a 17-year-old high school senior from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jackson's plans to join the military and marry her fiancé, Josh Rendon, are halted when she discovers she's pregnant. The couple visit an Air Force recruitment office and are told that because of the child, only one of them will be allowed to join. The two attend senior prom and argue with Rendon's parents over issues of stress, living situations and not preventing Jackson's pregnancy. She gives birth to a girl, Jocelyn Jade Rendon, in April 2009. Shortly after Jocelyn's birth, Jackson struggles to get herself through school, to get the help and support she needs from Rendon and to prepare for his upcoming departure to the Air Force, while he works to find a job to support his family. Two years after the taping of this episode, the couple was arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor and Jocelyn was taken into protective care by Children and Family Services.[3]
105 "Whitney" July 9, 2009
Whitney Purvis is a high school junior from Rome, Georgia. She is living with her boyfriend, Weston Lewis Gosa, her mother, Michelle Lynne, her mother's boyfriend, Scott, and her grandmother "Meemaw". Later, they discover that their son, Weston Owen Gosa, has alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic disorder that affects the liver and lungs. Because her mother's home is too small for all of them, Whitney and her boyfriend later move out, into a place of their own with their son.
106 "Catelynn" July 16, 2009
Catelynn Lowell is a junior in high school, living in Algonac, Michigan. She and her boyfriend of three years, Tyler Baltierra, discover she is pregnant. Neither of them feel that their living conditions are suitable for a new child, so they decide to look into adoption, going against their parents' wishes. They settle on a couple, Brandon and Teresa, and bond with them quickly. In May 2009, Lowell gives birth to a baby girl, who is named Carolyn Elizabeth (Carly for short) by her adoptive parents. Although not initially wanting to meet the baby, Baltierra and Lowell decide that they would like to see Carly before her adoptive parents do. After meeting their daughter, Brandon and Teresa promise to keep in touch with Baltierra and Lowell throughout the years of Carly's life. When it is time to sign the adoption papers, Lowell's mother refuses, forcing the official handover to take place off hospital grounds. Baltierra and Lowell say that the adoption was the hardest thing they had ever had to do, but the result has brought them closer together, and they know they made the right decision for Carly.
Reunion "Life after Labor" July 23, 2009
All the families from season one of 16 and Pregnant meet to discuss what has changed and gone in their lives since the cameras stopped rolling. The event is hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky.
Unseen "Unseen Moments" July 30, 2009
This episode shows all the unseen clips of episodes that were not aired during season one. The event was hosted by Pinsky.

Season 2AEdit

Ep # Title Air date
201 "Jenelle" February 16, 2010
Jenelle Evans is an incoming high school senior who lives in Oak Island, North Carolina. A "party girl," Evans lives with her mother, Barbara, and her mother's boyfriend, Mike. The father of Jenelle's child is her boyfriend, Andrew Lewis, who she later ends the relationship with because he got arrested.In August 2009, Evans gives birth to Jace Vahn Evans. Even after giving birth, Evans continues to slip back into her partying ways, leaving her mom to take care of Jace. At the end of the episode, Evans finally agrees to spend more time with her son, but asks for her mother's continued help as she does not feel she is capable of caring for him on her own.
202 "Nikkole" February 23, 2010
Nikkole Paulun is a high school junior who lives in Monroe, Michigan, with her mother, Rikki, and her younger brother. Paulun's boyfriend, Josh Drummonds, has the reputation of always cheating on Paulun. In November 2009, Paulun gives birth to Lyle Thomas Drummonds. When Paulun discovers that Drummonds has been seeing his ex-girlfriend, Kyla, behind her back, she breaks up with him. Paulun returns to school and gets help from Drummond's mother to take care of Lyle during the school day.
203 "Valerie" March 2, 2010
Valerie Fairman is a high school sophomore from Oxford, Pennsylvania. Her boyfriend Matt breaks up with her and says he does not want any contact with her unless it is about the baby. In September 2009, Fairman gives birth to a girl, Nevaeh Lynn Fairman. After Fairman's birth, it is discovered that the baby may have Meconium aspiration syndrome, but after a short hospital stay she turns out fine. On a home visit, Matt displays interest in Nevaeh and demonstrates that he has been learning about how to care for babies. He and Fairman discuss their relationship.
204 "Chelsea" March 9, 2010
Chelsea Houska is a high school senior from Vermillion, South Dakota and is pregnant by her boyfriend, Adam Lind. Lind does not want a baby at first, but according to Houska's narration he has warmed to the idea. Houska experiences a difficult pregnancy involving Braxton Hicks contractions. On Houska's first day of senior year, she goes into labor five weeks early and gives birth to a daughter Aubree Skye Houska, 5 weeks early at 5 lbs 6 oz in September 2009. Lind is uninterested in Aubree and becomes increasingly distant from Houska as he is more interested in his cars, characterizing her behavior as "annoying" and "nagging". Eventually, Lind sends Houska an abusive text message, calling Aubree a mistake. As a result, Houska makes the decision to change Aubree's last name to her own.
205 "Lori" March 16, 2010
Lori Wickelhaus is a teenager from Fort Thomas, Kentucky who is pregnant and undecided about whether to keep the baby. Being adopted herself, she has some reservations as she does not want her son to go through the same things she did. She deals with her parents pressuring her to give the child up for adoption, while Cory (her ex-boyfriend and the baby's father) and her friends want her to keep the baby. Wickelhaus and her parents meet with a couple that will adopt Aidan Elliot, who was born in December 2009. When Aidan is two days old, an adoption ceremony is held and Wickelhaus leaves the hospital.
206 "Samantha" March 23, 2010
Samantha Hernandez is a high school senior from Rosenberg, Texas. Her mother was a teen mom and knows the struggles that she and her boyfriend, Eric Salinas, will face. During labor, Hernandez has some painful back labor, and when she fails to dilate beyond three centimeters, her doctors decide she should have a C-section. Hernandez's daughter, Jordynn Amelia Marie Salinas, is born in December 2009. After Jordynn's birth, Salinas returns to work and school while Hernandez spends her days at home with the baby; this leads to tension between the couple as Hernandez feels that most of the burden of caring for Jordynn is falling on her. Hernandez gets help from Salinas's mother in raising the baby when she returns to school, and states that everything will be harder now that she is a teenaged mother.
207 "Nicole" March 30, 2010
Nicole Fokos is a teenager from Longwood, Florida. Her boyfriend, Tyler Keller, currently lives with his grandmother and frequently sees his two younger sisters. Throughout her pregnancy, Fokos's mother is very supportive, because her mother lost a child shortly after birth, and Fokos's father died two years later. In January 2010, Fokos gives birth to Brooklyn Marie Keller. Fokos and Keller spend the first weeks of parenthood moving between houses and leaving Brooklyn with various family members. Keller makes plans to finish his GED and gets a job to help support Brooklyn. Fokos states that it will be difficult to graduate high school, but she is determined to make it happen.
208 "Leah" April 6, 2010
Leah Messer is a teenager from Elkview, West Virginia who is pregnant with twin girls. She has only been dating Corey Simms for a short amount of time. At six months pregnant, Messer goes into early labor, which is calmed with medication; however, it means that she needs to be on strict bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Two months later, Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace are born on December 16, 2009. After the twins' birth, things become strained between Messer and Simms. Eventually, Messer and Simms break up because Messer does not know what she wants.
209 "Lizzie" April 13, 2010
Lizzie Waller is a teenager from Smithfield, Virginia and is pregnant by her boyfriend, Skylar Sickles. Skylar proposes to Lizzie, but later learns that he was unfaithful to her, and she breaks off the engagement; the couple later reconciles. In January 2010, Lizzie gives birth to Summer Jayde Sickles. She enrolls in college but drops out and decides to study medical billing instead. At the end of the episode she states that she will now shift her focus towards being a good mom for Summer.
210 "Kailyn" April 20, 2010
Kailyn "Kail" Lowry is a teenager from Nazareth, Pennsylvania who keeps the sex of her baby a surprise until birth with her boyfriend, Jonathan "Jo" Rivera. Her mother is unsupportive and more interested in dating than her daughter. Lowry is living with Rivera's parents, Janet and Eddie. She travels to Texas to meet her father, who left when she was little, only to find she and her father have absolutely nothing in common. In January 2010, Lowry gives birth to a son named Isaac Elliot Rivera.
Reunion "Life After Labor" April 20, 2010
All the families from season two of 16 and Pregnant meet to discuss what has changed and gone in their lives since the cameras stopped rolling. The event is hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Season 2BEdit

Ep # Title Airdate
211 "Brooke" October 26, 2010
Brooke Smitherman is a high school junior from Mansfield, Texas. She met her boyfriend of two years, Cody Tarrant, at the race track. Recently, Tarrant proposed to Smitherman and moved in with her family; Tarrant wants to graduate early to take care of the baby when Brooke is back at school, but he fails his graduation test three times. Shortly after, Tarrant finally passes the test, just in time for Brooke's water to break in school, and she gives birth to a baby boy Brody Ryan Tarrant in January, 2010. Brooke realizes that motherhood is way more than she can handle, although she is grateful that she has a husband like Tarrant.
212 "Felicia" November 2, 2010
Felicia Cooke is a senior from Lewisville, Texas who is the only one in her family with the chance to graduate. Alex Gutierrez, Cooke's boyfriend, and her mother, Reina, do not get along because Cooke got pregnant. Gutierrez begins spending less time with Cooke and more time with his friends. In February 2010, Genesis Alexa is born. Cooke and Gutierrez continue to have problems and Cooke knows it probably won't end well. She hopes to be the first person in her family to graduate for her mother and for Genesis, and still thinks there may be a future for her and Gutierrez.On the "Where are They Now?" special, she confesses her infidelity and that they are no longer together.
213 "Emily" November 9, 2010
Emily McKenzie is a high school junior from Hayden, Alabama, recently moved in with her dad and step-mom, since her mother kicked her out of the house upon learning of her pregnancy. She met her boyfriend Daniel Peterson through marching band at their school. They plan to get married, and set a date for June 26, 2010 right after high school graduation so Emily and the baby can go to college with Daniel and stay in married housing. Emily is withdrawn from public high school after being told she will not be allowed to graduate due to missing too many school days, because of her pregnancy. She is then enrolled in homeschooling. Her dad, Stacey, fears Daniel won't be able to support his daughter in the long run. Emily gives birth to a boy, Liam Allen, in February, 2010. After Liam arrives, Emily's family finds out she isn't on track to graduate. Emily then tries to put their wedding plans on hold, and Daniel disagrees. The episode ends with Emily trying to graduate. They end up getting married on their planned date. And sadly about a year after her show aired her father passed away.
214 "Markai" November 16, 2010
Markai Durham graduated from high school in 2010 and is from Riverview, Florida with dreams of being a vet. She's grown up raising her younger sister, Samarra. When she met her boyfriend, James Worsham, he didn't initially seem her type, but she eventually fell for him. Durham eventually learns she's pregnant. In October 2009, Durham gives birth to Za'Karia Sanari Worsham. Worsham had been cheating on Durham, and his ex confronted her at school. Durham gets upset, and she and Worsham get into a horrible fight and Markai confesses that she still loves James. Durham is hurt by what Worsham did to her but starts back talking to Worsham again. They get into another fight once again, but reconcile. They go on raising Za'Karia.
215 "Aubrey" November 23, 2010
17-year-old Aubrey Wolters is from Prescott Valley, Arizona. Her boyfriend, Brandon Akerill, wants her to be a housewife and stay home and raise the baby while he works, but she disagrees. In February 2010, Wolters gives birth to Austin Carter Akerill. Akerill gets a job as a mall security cop, and Wolters gets a job at a local pizza place. While Wolters wishes she had stayed in school, she plans to start working hard to get her GED so she can go to college and help support their son.
216 "Christinna" November 30, 2010
17-year-old Christinna Cook is from Huntsville, Alabama and dating Isiah Robinson, the star of the football team. Robinson turns down his college football scholarship and gets a job. His family isn't thrilled, and blames Cook for his decision to stay in Huntsville for their baby. Determined to be a family, Robinson and Cook sneak off and get married. Cook has a C-Section and Destiny Brianna is born in December 2009. Robinson's family is pushing him to get a paternity test because they think the baby might not be his. Robinson realizes that he and Cook need to work things out themselves without outside influence. She is determined not to give up on her dreams and plans on figuring out a way to go back to college. Cook and Robinson have since filed for divorce.
217 "Kayla" December 7, 2010
Kayla Jordan is a teenager from Centre, Alabama who loves to ride horses and compete in beauty pageants. She and her boyfriend, J.R. Davis, have been dating for six months and she's sure he's "the one." Both Jordan and Davis's parents have been really supportive. Davis works as a mechanic, and is hoping he and Jordan can find a place of their own to raise their baby by themselves. During a photo shoot Jordan's mom arranges, Davis proposes and she accepts, despite her feelings that their relationship is moving too quickly. Jordan's baby Rylan Jayce Davis is born in January 2010. Despite being premature, Rylan is pronounced healthy. Jordan goes back to school, and discovers she and her friends have grown apart. Davis wants to move into an apartment, but Jordan feels that without her parents help she would not be able to handle taking care of Rylan. On the 'Where are They Now' special Jordan tells us that her and Davis are broken up but will keep in touch and try to get along for the sake of Rylan.
218 "Megan" December 14, 2010
Megan McConnell is a high school junior from Ault, Colorado. Her father and sister are both members of the Army. McConnell's mom lets her 19-year-old boyfriend, Nathan Stone, move in while her father is deployed overseas. McConnell expresses concern that all Nathan does is play video games, because he has no job and is not going to school. Stone becomes so preoccupied with his friends and video games that he bails on his parents' Halloween party (which McConnell attends) and McConnell's baby shower. At the 41-week mark, McConnell tries different ways to induce labor. The following day, she gets major contractions and goes to the hospital. In January 2010, McConnell gives birth to Blake Ray Stone. After they get home from the hospital, Stone goes back to his old ways and favors his video games over the baby. McConnell's friends seem to distance themselves now that she has a baby. McConnell and Stone were married in February 2011 but McConnell has now filed for divorce.
Unseen "Unseen Moments" December 14, 2010
Unseen moments from the episodes Brooke, Felicia, Emily, Markai, Aubrey, Christinna, Kayla, and Megan, as well as some scenes that will be unseen from Ashley's episode, which airs the week after this episode.
219 "Ashley" December 21, 2010
Ashley Salazar is a high school senior with a passion for writing. She lives with her mom and her sister in McKinney, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Salazar relies on her mom for a lot, but she has big aspirations to move out soon, go to college in New York City, and study to become a photojournalist. However, she may have to reconsider her dreams because now Salazar is pregnant. Salazar and her ex-boyfriend, Justin Lane, didn't stay in touch after they broke up. With Lane out of the picture and her mom as her model of a single parent, Salazar knows that raising a baby alone won't come without huge sacrifices. After careful consideration, Salazar and her mother agree that adoption is the best option for her baby. Neither one of them has the resources to support a baby right now, nor can they afford the cost of a nanny or daycare. Though giving the baby up will be hard, Salazar knows it is the best thing for everyone. She makes an adoption plan with her aunt and uncle. In December 2009, Salazar gives birth to daughter, Callie Danielle. She has a difficult time signing the adoption papers, but eventually does so. After a few days, though, Salazar is still very miserable and decides to take Callie back. Her aunt and uncle agree to let her have a "trial period" with Callie, which ends up lasting over a month before Salazar finally decides that being with her aunt and uncle is what is best for Callie.
Reunion "Life After Labor" December 28, 2010
All the families from season one of 16 and Pregnant meet to discuss what has changed and gone in their lives since the cameras stopped rolling. The event is hosted by Pinsky.
Special "No Easy Decision" December 28, 2010
Markai Durham decides to have an abortion after she becomes pregnant again shortly after giving birth to her baby Za'Karia earlier this season. At the end of the episode, Pinsky and Durham spoke to two other girls who had abortions. All three girls said that they had been lacking in the proper information regarding birth control.[4]
Special "Where Are They Now?" January 4, 2011
The episode follows eight of the mothers who had appeared in earlier episodes.

Season 3Edit

Ep # Title Airdate
301 "Jordan" April 19, 2011
Jordan Ward is a 17 year old from St. Louis, Missouri. She and her identical twin sister, Jessica, were adopted by her grandparents at nine years old. Jordan Ward and her boyfriend, Brian Finder, are expecting a baby boy. The twins left high school in order to pursue modeling careers, and homeschooling, but they both stopped after Jordan Ward finds out about her pregnancy. Finder moves in with Jordan Ward and her family to help her begin getting ready for their son. There is conflict between Jessica Ward and Finder, as Jessica Ward feels that Finder is taking her twin sister away from her, and Finder feels that Jessica Ward won't give them space to be parents on their own. This leads to a debate about who will be in the delivery room when Jordan Ward gives birth. At the end, it is decided that Jessica Ward would be allowed in the room with Finder. Noah James Finder was born in July 2010. In January 2011, Jordan and Brian got married and announced Jordan was pregnant again. In November 2011, Jordan gave birth to the couple's second child, a daughter named Arri Monroe Finder.
302 "Jennifer" April 26, 2011
Jennifer Del Rio is a 16 year old from Riverview, Florida who is pregnant by her boyfriend Josh Smith. Del Rio is nervous after starting a new school, and she has a planned C-section since she is having twin boys. Del Rio's parents and Smith do not get along and her parents are not happy with her decision for the babies to have Smith's last name. Smith proposes to Del Rio and she accepts. The twins, Joshua Devan and Noah Matthew, are born on October, 2010. Del Rio's parents agree to let Smith into their home once the babies are situated there, but the young couple begin to argue. At one point, Smith throws Del Rio out of his car and takes the boys with him. Her mother comes to pick her and the kids up and Smith is taken away by police. Del Rio's parents tell her she is not to see Smith again, and Del Rio is upset over the whole situation. Although Del Rio's parents told her she is not allowed to see Smith again, she sees Smith, shown on the unseen moments special.
303 "Jamie" May 3, 2011
Jamie McKay is a 17 year old senior honor student and student council member from Asheville, North Carolina who is pregnant by her boyfriend Ryan McElrath. McKay wants her daughter to have the father that she never had, but McElrath does not attend her doctor appointments, and McKay's own father finds out through MySpace that she is pregnant. McKay's mother and McElrath get into mild confrontations, which leads to McElrath ignoring and avoiding Jamie McKay. When McKay goes into labor, she is unable to contact McElrath. Five hours after she has been in labor, he shows up hungover, which causes another argument between McElrath and McKay's mother. McKay gave birth to a daughter, Miah Christine, in October, 2010. After Miah's birth, McElrath wants to spend time with Miah, but only at his house without McKay. McKay returns to school, and finds out that McElrath has been seeing another girl behind her back for several months. As a result, to protect Miah, McKay changes her phone number and agrees that it is better to let the court settle their custody dispute because she is trying to ensure that both of their parental rights are protected for the best interest of their child.
304 "Danielle" May 10, 2011
Danielle Cunningham is a high school teenager from Columbus, Ohio who is pregnant by her boyfriend Jamie Alderman. Growing up, Cunningham was a rebel, so her grandmother offered to take her in to let her "start over" in a new town about an hour from her hometown. Cunningham's mother was against it, because she knew of the little guardianship that Cunningham's grandmother would show over her. Cunningham's mother was a teen single mother, and her biggest fear was that Danielle Cunningham would be a teen mom as well. Danielle Cunningham wants to prove that she is strong enough to be a mom. Alderman works at a local fast food restaurant, and the couple try to afford everything the baby needs. Cunningham gave birth to a son, Jamie Paul Jr. in October 2010. During his birth, his heart stopped, and they had to remove him through an emergency procedure, but he turns out fine. Cunningham ends the episode saying she wants Jamie Jr. to know that she always did her best to give him everything in the world.
305 "Cleondra" May 17, 2011
Cleondra Carter is a 17-year-old senior from Horn Lake, Mississippi. She is pregnant by her boyfriend Mario Escovedo. Carter's sister was a young mother as well, so she had practice with babies when she took care of her niece, Zyra. She gave birth to a baby girl named Kylee Sue in November, 2010.
306 "Kayla" May 24, 2011
Kayla Jackson is a 17 year old from Mankato, Minnesota. She was a softball player and gymnast with a big circle of girlfriends. She is pregnant by her boyfriend Mike Schwig, who lived about an hour away from her, and is a year older then her. She struggles from anorexia, which led to her being pregnant while in fact, still dealing with her anorexia. Jackson asks her mother for advice on how to lose weight while pregnant, but she says it'd be best if she didn't try to lose the weight. Due to her complications, Jackson has to have a C-section. On November, 2010 Jackson gave birth to a son named Preston Michael. After Preston's birth, Jackson's mother asks her to join her on a diet and that leads to a dent in their relationship. Jackson now lives with her father.
307 "Izabella" May 31, 2011
Izabella Tovar is a 16 year old from Draper, Utah who is pregnant by her boyfriend, Jairo Rodriguez. She hid her pregnancy from all her friends and most of her family for 8 months, and her relationship with her best friend Cassidy was rocky since Tovar didn't tell her that she was pregnant sooner and she didn't even show up to Tovar's baby shower. Tovar's family struggle with the fact that Tovar's boyfriend is not going to school to pursue a college degree, and it is revealed that Tovar's boyfriend did not actually graduate high school, and that he didn't get his GED online. Tovar gives birth to a son, Enrique Jairo, in September, 2010. Tovar and Jairo are now engaged.
308 "Kianna" June 7, 2011
Kianna Randall is a 17 year old from Fort Worth, Texas who is pregnant by her 15 year old boyfriend Zak Hegab. Both live without their biological fathers in their life. They debate adoption, but then decide to keep their baby due to them wanting both parents in the child's life. In October, 2010, Randall gives birth to a baby boy she names Kay'den Elijah.
309 "Taylor" June 14, 2011
Taylor Lumas is a 15 year old from Cincinnati, Ohio. Lumas's mom wants her to choose adoption, but Lumas and her boyfriend Nathan Bridewell feel that they can overcome the challenges of being teen parents. She gives birth to a daughter named Aubri Rose in November, 2010. But when Lumas's boyfriend disappoints as a father, Lumas begins to question her decision about choosing adoption and questions their relationship. They are no longer together, but are trying to work things out for the best, for Aubri.
310 "Allie" June 21, 2011
Allison "Allie" Mendoza is from New Jersey, but resides in Pasadena, Texas. She is pregnant by her boyfriend Joey Aranzeta. Mendoza and Aranzeta both live with Aranzeta's mother, Yolanda, and his younger brother Damian in Yolanda's house. Aranzeta's mother was a teenager and a drug addict when she had Joey, leading to her mental instability. After an incident where Aranzeta's mother almost attacks Mendoza over a banana, the couple realizes that Aranzeta's mother's home is very unstable for their child. Aranzeta's grandmother offers to take them in (as a last resort), which turns into another screaming match for Aranzeta's mother and Mendoza. Mendoza gets induced and gives birth to a son they name Aydenn Anthony Aranzeta on December 17, 2010. Aranzeta later fails to live up to the responsibilities of being a parent, so Mendoza eventually ends things with him and went to live with Mendoza's friend Ashley, taking the child with her

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